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Padavaedu is situated 17 kms away from Arni. It has nearly about 16 small villages and this region's soil is good for banana cultivation. Sandhavasal is considered as a shopping town in this region. Once up on a time Padavaedu is a capital city for Sambuvarayar'sand also Padavaedu was a large shopping corner. More than 22 temples are found in Padavaedu.Some special temples located in Padavaedu are Renugambal temple, Raman temple, Sivan temple, Kali temple, etc.
Towards the west of Padavaedu is a region called Athimalai. In olden days Athimalai was called as Kings of Mountain. There is a famous temple on the top of the mountain. Near Ramachandra swamy temple there is a place called Kottaimedu,which nearly comprises about 20 acres of land.Kottaimedu is divided into large and small kottai. In this region "Varadhar" temples are also present. In olden days near the large kottai there is a safe god statue by name"Kottai Thalaivar". Even today people have the habit of worshipping this statue.

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